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New Territorian Relocation Bonus Application Form

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Application Stage

Before You Begin: Please ensure you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions in full.


Important Note: If you have already moved to the Northern Territory prior to submitting your Stage 1 application, you are NOT eligible.


This application is a 2 stage process.

Stage 1 - This stage is to be completed by new applicants.

Documents you will need to provide in Stage 1

  • Photo Identification
  • Birth Certificate/ Citizenship Certificate or evidence of Australian Permanent Residency
  • Proof of current residency outside the Northern Territory
  • Medicare Card & Consent Forms
  • Employment Offer & Job Description

Depending on your personal circumstances, you may need to also provide the following:

  • Marriage certificate or other evidence of a bona fide de facto relationship
  • Consent form to release address/es of partner and children

Stage 2 - This stage is for applicants who have completed and been approved for Stage 1. Stage 1 approved applicants must complete the Stage 2 application upon arrival in the Northern Territory.

Documents you will need to provide in Stage 2

  • Northern Territory Drivers Licence / Photo ID
  • Electricity Provider account number
  • Medicare change of address confirmation
  • Tenancy agreement or purchase contract
Response required.
If you have already applied and been approved for Stage 1, please select Stage 2 and complete.


Important note: You are not considered eligible until both Stage 1 and Stage 2 applications have been completed and your application has been approved.

The Welcome to the Territory Incentives Program is an initiative of the Northern Territory Government to boost the Territory’s population by attracting workers to relocate to the NT to fill high priority occupations (list available at This is one of the key actions of the Northern Territory Population Growth Strategy 2018-2028.

The objective of the Program is to:

  • attract Australian citizens / permanent residents currently residing outside the Northern Territory
  • help Territory businesses fill High Priority occupations as listed on the NT Skilled Occupation Priority List, and
  • encourage them to stay for at least five years
I am an Australian citizen or permanent resident currently living outside the Northern Territory * Required
Response required.
Have you resided in the Northern Territory during the 2 years immediately preceding this Stage 1 application * Required
Response required.
Must be a date. 
I am an 'early career' female aged 20 - 39 years, or a 'late career' worker of either gender aged 55 - 65 years * Required
Response required.
I have entered into a written employment contract (or accepted an offer of employment in writing) with an eligible business to be employed in an eligible occupation for at least 30 hours per week for a term of at least 12 months * Required
I have or intend to either purchase a property in the Northern Territory to live in or I intend to have a residential tenancy agreement in place for a period of at least six months * Required
I am in receipt of incentives under the Australian Government initiative ‘JobActive’ (or any similar scheme) * Required


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Monitoring and evaluation of the Welcome to the Territory Incentives program

These questions are for research and evaluation purposes only. Your answers are not used as part of your registration and will remain confidential.

How did you hear about this program?
Would you have considered moving to the Northern Territory if the Welcome to the Territory Incentives Program was not available?