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Jobs Rescue and Recovery Plan Business Registration

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In order to register your business you must have read, understood and agreed to the Program's Terms and Conditions.

Subject to these terms, approval to participate as a service provider is only required once for the Home Improvement Scheme, the Business Improvement Grant, the Immediate Work Grant, the Business Rebound and Adaptation Grant and the Small Business Pivot Grant.

The Terms and Conditions contain important information about eligibility, registration, quotation, invoicing and voucher redemption.

Eligible Business or Business is a service provider that is a Territory Enterprise and:

  • is a legal entity (a natural person or an incorporated entity), with or without a registered business name; and
  • holds a valid Australian Business Number as of the date the Program was announced (refer to relevant Terms and Conditions); and
  • was providing its services wholly or substantially in the Northern Territory as at the date the Program was announced (refer to relevant Terms and Conditions); and
  • has and will maintain during the course of the Program (and will provide copies upon request), all relevant business, occupation and related permits, licences and insurance coverage required to undertake work in connection with the Program, including valid public liability insurance policy with minimum $10 million cover, Workers Compensation, Professional Indemnity, and all other relevant insurances to cover its usual business risks; and
  • has successfully registered with the Department to be part of the Program; successful registration is dependent upon satisfactory results of due diligence the Department may conduct in its absolute discretion; and
  • unless they are a Licensed Builder, will carry out the labour component of any Eligible Works it provides a quotation to conduct (ie, does not merely supply products or components to be installed as part of Eligible Works);
  • subject to any specific terms for Sub-Programs; and
  • subject to any requirement to use a licensed professional to conduct such works; and
  • subject to its right to outsource or subcontract part of Eligible Works under Sections 2, 3 and 4 of these Terms and Conditions.

Territory Enterprise is a business that satisfies all of the following:

  • operating in the Northern Territory - the enterprise is currently engaged in productive activities out of premises within the Northern Territory (i.e., production of goods or delivery of services); and
  • has a significant permanent presence - the enterprise maintains an office, manufacturing facilities or other permanent base within the NT; and
  • employs Northern Territory residents.
I have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions. * Required
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