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Biz Secure - Individual Business Grant Applications

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Biz Secure is a time-limited program and your application is subject to funding availability. Once the program funding has been fully committed, no further applications will be assessed, even if they have already been submitted. For details, refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Territory businesses/ Not For Profit Organisations are able to make a range of permanent security improvements that reduce the risk and incidence of break-ins to their premises.

In addition to the cost of the Mandatory Security Audit, For individual business applicants, up to $18,000 will be available in contribution toward the cost of eligible works on the basis that the program will contribute the first $8,000, and the eligible recipient matches dollar-for-dollar the contribution sought from the program thereafter.

The works undertaken on each premises will vary depending on individual circumstances and the outcomes of the mandatory security audit. Works must be aimed at reducing the risks and incidences of break-ins.

The department reserves the right to conduct an audit at any time before, during and after approval of works or before, during and after redemption or attempted redemption of a voucher, as well as within twelve months after the program ends.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Your Application for a grant is in two-steps:

Step 1: Apply for the Mandatory Security Audit

  • Fill out Pages 1-4
  • Disregard pages 5-9
  • Click Submit on the final page marked "Submit and Review".  (You can use the left hand navigation bar to shortcut to the final page) 

Step 2: Once the Security Audit has been completed and you have received the Audit Report

  • Contact us at to have this application form re-opened to apply for the actual improvement works
  • Fill out Pages 5 onwards depending on the number of improvements jobs you are applying for
  • Click Submit on the final page marked "Submit and Review".  (You can use the left hand navigation bar to shortcut to the final page) 
My business/ organisation is either: (a) duly incorporated under an Act of the Northern Territory or the Commonwealth; or (b) a sole trader or partnership operating pursuant to a Northern Territory registered Business Name * Required
My business/ organisation is physically located in the Northern Territory * Required
My business/ organisation services its customers from a shopfront premises or has at least one external publicly accessible entry / exit point * Required
My business/ organisation has fewer than 100 persons engaged in it (including directors, principals, etc.) * Required
Must be a number. 
Not For Profit Organisation is compliant with Licensing NT and/ or ACNC requirements * Required
Not For Profit Organisations must ensure they are compliant prior to submitting their application, including lodgement of required documents under relevant legislation
Hold a valid ABN in respect of the business issued prior to the date of this application * Required
My business/ organisation is not an Excluded Recipient as defined in the terms and conditions * Required
Please see Clause 2.2 of the terms and conditions for a full list of excluded recipients (link is at the top of this page). If you are unsure, please email us at and we will reply/ call you to discuss
I understand and accept that my business/ organisation information will be shared between relevant NT Government agencies for the purposes of assessing my eligibility under this program * Required
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        Monitoring and evaluation of the Business Security Assistance Program

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        How did you hear about the Business Security Assessment Program * Required
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