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With the introduction of the Alcohol Secure initiative, the Northern Territory Government is expanding on the Biz Secure Program. While the 2 initiatives are very similar, Alcohol Secure provides funding specifically for the operators of local licensed premises to assist them to improve the physical safety and security of their liquor stocks against theft and damage.

It is a condition of approval that the Eligible Recipient must remain in full compliance with its liquor licence at all times during the currency of any approved works and until all Voucher/s issued have been redeemed. The Department may immediately cancel any Voucher/s prior to redemption if it comes to the Department’s attention that the Eligible Recipient is in breach of its licence (either because of the obligation of the Eligible Recipient to notify, or from the Licensing NT (a division of the Northern Territory Attorney General’s Department).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Alcohol Secure is aimed at improving the physical security of the perimeter where liquor is stocked; security measures such as security cameras or whole of premises works are not eligible.

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